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Time Log

The below text is an example of a time log for a visual project that we are currently undergoing. To Logging times will come in use use to ensure efficiency in editing.

Only the 20 min+ clips have been logged due to the short length of the other footage.

'Barry the mechanic'

0'00 - 0'10 - Tool Box shot - Use as filler
0'10 - 04'20 - Various side profile shots of Barry - an introduction to protagonist
05'00 - 07'37 - "Wheeler Dealer" - Shots of the care an concentration used by a mechanic (face shots)
07'40 - 12'42 - Barry acknowledges camera man to explain his actions - clear footage of enthusiasm and contentment for what his trade.
12'46 - 15.23 - Various experimental shots that can be used as fillers
15'41-16'31 - Possible intro shots of garage (sign etc)
16'35-19'20 - 'Banter' - Barry and Tim having a joke
19'30-26'12 - Explanation of the heart of his profession -'the engine'
27'07-27'30 - 'Trick of the trade' - use Vaseline instead of oil to lubricate and prevent rust
28'54 - 32'42 - Acknowledges camera again (banter part 2?) - low-side shots of Barry at work.
32'50-33'58 - Car lifted up and down (blur license plate)
34'00-35'28 - Final Touches
35'38-37'42 - Introduction of secretary and Tim's daughter
38'00-End - Random semi-usable shots that can be used as fillers

'Tim the mechanic'

0'00-05'44 - Various shots of Tim (owner of garage), the whole time he does not acknowledge camera - very focused
06'10-06'53 - Shots of the office - certificates - very messy - local ambience
07'00-07'58 - Under car shots - car lifts up
08'10 -13'14 - A range of shots: oil dripping, acknowledgement of camera man, opens up (banter)
13'50 - 21'32 - "Wheeler Dealer 2" - Could use editing method of speeding up shot.
23'02-26'52 - Wheel to tyre to wheel transition shot
24'35-26'52 - Tight shots of Tim
25'56-32'43 - Customer interaction - very familiar - very comfortable. Phone call received while dealing with customer in garage
32'33 - 33'54 - 'Let's talk business'
34'00 - End Last touches on wheels - good car movement shots

Train station - Feet shot

0'00 - 11'55 - Continuous sped -up shot of waking feet - lovely change of colour halfway where the sun is setting and the artificial light replaces natural

11'59-15'19 - Various manic and rapid moving shots

15'20-17'12 - Entrance Shots

17'56 - 18'10 - 'Winchester Station'

18'55 - 19'43 - Low shots of station entrance

19'44 - 31'12 - Curb shot - The rain eventually covers the lens creating the visual effect of 'flashing lights'

31'52-End - Bus timetable shot - Ending with library at night

Road Side Hill

0'00-16'20 - Sped up shots of road side traffic
16'25-31'50 - Stopped and questioned by the police
32'00-42'55 - Camera angled toward hill of oncoming traffic
42'56 - End - In car filming - on top of roof shots - very unsteady and jerky shots

Feet Shot

Create sped-up effect in editing - emphasis on sun set - slow down fast forward for when the colours change.

WTF is Google Wave?

1) E-Mail
2) Instant Messaging
3) Social Networking
4) E-Mail+IM+Social Networking+Waving???

What can Google possibly bring to the table that hasn't been covered by Facebook and Myspace et al?

Well they are confident they can with their 'Wave' experiment.

To breakdown what this new and exciting ploy from Google to further dominate cyber-space is, we must first find out what on earth a 'Wave' is.

According to Google

What is a wave?

A wave is equal parts conversation and document. People can communicate and work together with richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more.

A wave is shared. Any participant can reply anywhere in the message, edit the content and add participants at any point in the process. Then playback lets anyone rewind the wave to see who said what and when.

A wave is live. With live transmission as you type, participants on a wave can have faster conversations, see edits and interact with extensions in real-time.

via: Google

This is based on creating communication threads or waves across different platforms that are instantly updated as they are being created. I think of it as a big e-discussion forum, where you can post items, discuss, vote, nudge and the best feature; editing the actual text your fellow 'Waver' is typing.

If your still confused think of it as a mash-up between;

Google Mail
-Ability to send and receive e-mail
-Add pictures, music and documents instantly

Instant Messenger
-Real time conversation - The closest text has come to being a real conversation
-Drag and drop attachments
-Multi-person conversations - conference style outlay

-The graphical and visual functionalities are very Web 2.0
-Sharing/Editing photos has never been easier

-According to the 1hour+ video lecture on Google Wave, they mentioned there is an extension for embedding interactive games like chess in a wave and also an extension to integrate Twitter tweets.

There is no denying Google is treading in new waters with 'Wave'.

Although still in the BETA stage ,one can see there is A LOT of potential in Google Wave and its features.

But can Google introduce and successfully implement their new Web 2.0 platform, among the sea of options available to us through Facebook, Myspace, hi5 and ICQ etc?

If anyone can - its Google.


WiNOL Round 3 - Round-UP

Position: Floor Manager
Studio Guest: Martin Tod, Prospective Liberal Democrat MP for Winchester.
Guest Editor: Kay Oliver


We had three news headlines and one sports headline on the show today. The four packages, in order were;
1)'Students take over Southampton in a mass protest
2)'Outcry as University students denied extra parking spaces'
3)'A record number of homeless on the streets of Winchester this Christmas'
4) 'Winchester FC in mid-week action'

The visuals on all the packages were solid - but it seems the reporters are still having problems with the sound recording. Wind and other external noise is bringing down the quality of the piece and the overall show.

*Editor Tip*

"When recording use the headphones and turn away from the view-finder on the camera, and JUST concentrate on the sound. Always playback after shooting and don't be shy to ask to re-shoot"

The content quality is progressing by the week. When before we would have one standout story and the others would be quite bland, we now had three stories of high quality in production and content


We were given permission to use a desk on the studio floor this week - I believe this was a good decision because it added that touch of professionalism we needed.

I was studio floor manager for this week. This was my first time officially performing this role due to confusion in role delegation (which to date is still happening), but I think I successfully covered all my bases.

My duties included:

  • Checking that equipment, e.g. microphones and earpieces, are working before the show;
  • Making sure all the camera operators have running orders and other instructions
  • Assisting guests on the show
  • Relaying instructions from the control room to the studio floor using the talk back system;
  • Keeping the director and producer informed of action off-camera;
  • Assisting in the planning and preparation of productions;
  • Overseeing the work of other departments, such as sound, lighting and props;
  • Rehearsing
  • Giving cues and time counts the presenter
  • Organising runners to make the best use of studio time;

All in all, I think we are making great strides and improving by the show. The directing is getting tighter, the discipline in shooting and editing the packages have stepped up a level and the confidence and efficiency within the news team is at all time high.

There are still aspects which we can iron out within the next programme - but the show must go on.


Fort Hood

A chief spokesman for the pro-life, far-right organisation, American Family Association, has called for the removal of Muslim soldiers from the US Army in the wake of the killings at Fort Hood.

According to The Huffington Post, Director of Issues Analysis, Bryan Fischer took it upon himself to release a blog post titled "No More Muslims in the U.S Army", urging government officials "stop the practice of allowing Muslims to serve in the U.S. military."

His argument included reasonings such as

"..the more devout a Muslim is, the more of a threat he is to national security. Devout Muslims, who accept the teachings of the Prophet as divinely inspired, believe it is their duty to kill infidels. Yesterday's massacre is living proof. And yesterday's incident is not the first fragging incident involving a Muslim taking out his fellow U.S. soldiers."

And we thought Nick Griffin was bad??

He argues that Christians are taught to imitate the life of Christ, and the same for muslim in regards to the Prophet - therefore; "Nidal Malik Hasan was simply being a good Muslim".

Fischer's words has helped fan the flames of Islamo-Phobia and general discrimination towards Middle-Eastern Americans/immigrants. With the nation still in shock over the tragic shooting - The AFA has used the age old ploy of using the emotion of the public for political gains.

His arguments on Islam and its Prophet are inaccurate beyond measure and match the nature of the offensive caricature published in Jyllands-Posten last year.

I understand these are not the views held by the majority of Americans, but this is a organization that has an annual budget of roughly $14 million and owns 180 American Family Radio stations in 28 states. And with the war-efforts reaching boiling point - comments like these may be taken as gospel to the public with Republican tendencies.

America is in a war within the Middle-East killing where their soldiers have killed up-to 102,574 civilians - thats more than all 9/11 victims and U.S soldiers killed in Afghanistan, Iraq and Fort Hood combined.

The controversial blog-post has sparked a wave of comments from the public.

"It was ignorant, fear-mongering dolts like you that placed Japanese-Americans in concentration camps during World War II. It was people like you that called for the deaths of innocent women during the Salem Witch Trials. It was people like you that discriminated against the Irish and Italians when they immigrated to the U.S. in mass during the early 19th century. It was people of your mindset that considered African-Americans to be three-fifths human. Perhaps you'd feel more at home in Israel where you can join the IDF and slaughter innocent and extremist Muslims without distinction, or perhaps run a checkpoint operated entirely on the basis of racial profiling. The last time I checked, all men are created equal in this nation."

Benjamin Franklin once put it, "They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security."

Tell that to this guy....


Map of the United States–By Distance to McDonald’s


By the looks of it, McDonald's does not like the cold states...


Solution To Global Warming


“Let’s not pretend that things will change if we keep doing the same things. A crisis can be a real blessing to any person, to any nation. For all crises bring progress.

Creativity is born from anguish, just like the day is born form the dark night. It’s in crisis that inventiveness is born, as well as discoveries made and big strategies. He who overcomes crisis, overcomes himself, without getting overcome. He who blames his failure to a crisis neglects his own talent and is more interested in problems than in solutions.

Incompetence is the true crisis.

The greatest inconvenience of people and nations is the laziness with which they attempt to find the solutions to their problems. There’s no challenge without a crisis. Without challenges, life becomes a routine, a slow agony. There’s no merit without crisis. It’s in the crisis where we can show the very best in us. Without a crisis, any wind becomes a tender touch.

To speak about a crisis is to promote it. Not to speak about it is to exalt conformism.

Let us work hard instead. Let us stop, once and for all, the menacing crisis that represents the tragedy of not being willing to overcome it.”

Albert Einstein.

Imagine if we applied these brilliant but mere words, to the climate problem AND the so-called financial crisis we’re facing.
Sometimes the dilemmas of the future can effectively be dealt by using the advice of the past.


Pete Is Doherty An Alcoholic, Crack-Head Criminal


On the 13th of Oct. a question had been tabled by an MP in Parliament, but that the newspaper could not reveal “who has asked the question, what the question is, which minister might answer it, or where the question is to be found”.

The reason, it explained no less cryptically, was that “legal obstacles, which cannot be identified, involve proceedings, which cannot be mentioned, on behalf of a client who must remain secret”. This practice of gagging newspapers has recently become more in fashion in the UK. With stricter precedent being set with every high profile libel case, restrictions on the "free press" seem to be going in an unfavourable way for the media.

However the net is increasingly making it harder for celebrities to keep their dirty laundry out of the public eye. If reporters are shut down by their editors due to the legal implications of their potential story, they can take the high-road and blog.

With the monetization of blogs getting easier, a newspaper reporter can make a living with a high-traffic news blog - and keep his journalistic principles intact.

A good example of how trying to gag the press has backfired on a person, is the case of Barbra Streisand.

"An incident in which Barbra Streisand sued photographer Kenneth Adelman and for US$50 million in an attempt to have the aerial photograph of her house removed from the publicly available collection of 12,000 California coastline photographs, citing privacy concerns. Adelman stated that he was photographing beachfront property to document coastal erosion as part of the California Coastal Records Project. As a result of the case, public knowledge of the picture increased substantially and it became popular on the Internet, with more than 420,000 people visiting the site over the next month." -

Hence the term the "Streisand effect".

A recent law for journalists lecture left me wary of ensuing with my potential plan to offend everything and everyone on my blog.

The restrictions on journalism in the UK seems to have made it harder for the media to ruin someone's reputation without major consequences.

High-profile individuals from the US have taken it upon themselves to cross the pond just so they can sue for libel.

The O.C.D like tendencies of our courts to cover every possible scenario in which someone can be libelled, make it a haven for sensitive celebrities.

So what if I call Pete Doherty an alcoholic, crack-head criminal?
Can he sue me?
I don't think so. I can argue that each one the statements aforementioned are justifiable.
All I have to do is check the back catalogue of The Sun, for the last couple of years.

The Sun is good for something after all....